Building the Future of Fan Experience with Face Ticket Technology

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What changes when you switch from token-based tickets to identity-based ticketing?

Monetize the Ticket Resale Market

Clubs currently lack control over secondary ticket sales, resulting in an estimated 20% revenue loss, increased fraud, and fan frustration.

By tying tickets to identity, all transfers and resales can occur exclusively under your control.

Solve Stadium Security

Spectators often face hooligan aggression, leading to clubs losing fans from valuable demographics.

Preventing hooligans from entering stadiums, makes the events safer and more family-friendly.

3x Faster Access

Long waiting lines create discomfort and a risky environment, resulting in a poor fan experience.

By verifying legal identity during purchase, fans can enjoy faster access and a smoother stadium experience.

Personalized Fan Experience

Clubs often lack data on the majority of their fans, hindering their ability to create memorable experiences for all visitors.

By connecting every purchase to specific individuals, we enable individually crafted fan experiences.

Secure & Quick Payments

While cashless systems enhance revenue, they won’t solve long queues.

By securely verifying your fans’ identities, other services such as face payments become instantly available.

Make Football Clubs Excel Off the Pitch


Complete face ticket technology

Face registration & KYC

Identity engine

Ticketless access control

Certified Face Ticket Technology

We are a spinoff of Innovatrics, one of the world’s leading biometric vendors.